Trust the Process

So many of us have trouble generating ideas when we are trying to write. The below is an excerpt from Fun with Grammar by Marcielle Brandler on how to cure writer’s block.

Try it!

cal-tec-1Beautiful California Institute of Technology (Caltech) campus in Pasadena, CA, an incredible center of learning taken by Marcielle.

Trusting the Process, Generating Ideas

Many people criticize their own thoughts, sometimes before they even get onto the page. This is called “writer’s block.” It is okay, however, to allow those crazy “unacceptable” thoughts to come out. No one but you will see your first ideas. Your teacher or professor should not pressure you to share ideas that are very personal or that do not make sense. Idea making is supposed to be fun. Later, there will be time to judge and edit (get rid of errors and thoughts that don’t work or might not be acceptable).

Marcielle reading her newly-published short story, “Chuz Off!”
(LA FictionAnthology, Red Hen Press) at Mount San Antonio College, 2016.

Free Writing

Many people begin by writing until they cannot think of anything else to write. That is called free writing. . There are also other strategies to help us fill in the blanks and create more order in your essays. The point of the exercises below is, not to do them perfectly, but to get a general idea of how to use each method, so you can keep them in your toolbox of ways to generate ideas for essays, articles, screenplays, and even books.



Free write about the first topic you listed above. Keep writing until you run out of things to say. Discuss.

The above is from page 66 of Fun with Grammar by Marcielle Brandler

To see a video on how to get over writer’s block and to trust the process of writing,
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Professor Marcielle Brandler has been teaching writing, grammar, and success strategies for over 30 years.  Fun with Grammar is available on Amazon and iUniverse.