From Fun with Grammar
Copyright 2005 by Marcielle Brandler

Capitalizing Titles

Gone with the Wind

Always capitalize the first and last words,
no matter what they are.

Do not capitalize prepositions, conjunctions,
or articles (a, an, the) when they appear inside
the title.

Italics or Quotation Marks for Titles?
 Italics                          “Quotation Marks”

Book                                     Chapter
The Martian                        “Rocket Summer”

Play                                     Act  and Scene
“Act I” 
                                               “Scene II”

Magazine                           Article
Southern                                “Protecting the
Sierran                                   Planet

CD                                        Song
Dengue Fever                       “Monsoon of Perfume”

TV Show                            Episode
The Big Bang                       “The Luminous Fish Effect

The idea is that the larger piece is in italics, while the

smaller piece, contained inside the larger piece is in

“quotation marks“. What do we do when a larger

piece takes its title from a smaller piece?

Book                                     Poem
The Breathing House        “The Breathing House”


Now, with your titles from the previous exercise, put them

in the proper format as in the above information. Is your

piece a book, and article, a poem or a song?

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