Study/Success Guidelines

If you want to succeed in any endeavor, follow these guidelines.

Students at Mount San Antonio College , 2016

1. Students and colleagues must always be on time, and make sure to have pen, paper, textbook, homework, and assignment schedule ready at all times.

2. Take good notes. We cannot always remember what was said in class/meetings. Professors/bosses give us a great deal of information that they often will not want to repeat. Sometimes we must read between the lines and b sensitive to what they are saying. The alert person succeeds!

3. It is a good idea to have a pal in the class/at work who will share his notes with you on days when you are absent, and who can inform you of any changes in assignments or the schedule. You can do the same for that person.

4. Find a quiet place to study/work. It is very important that you have a regular place where you can study and be left alone. The other people in our lives need to understand that much of college/work life is quiet study time.

5. Organize your work, so that it is easy to find all handouts and notes for all of your classes/projects.

6. Do all assigned homework on time. Waiting until the last minute, or writing down the answers to grammar homework while the professor is giving the answers (cheating), or doing the same with essay answers merely stunts your progress. It is important to make your mistakes on your own, and then correct them, so that you (and the professor/boss/client) will be able to discover trouble spots you might have in your abilities, and help you to correct them. That is the entire point of practice.

7. When you are given a writing assignment, begin writing/working as soon as possible. After you have written at least a paragraph, type it up, do a spell check, and take a break from your work. It is important to let some time go by, before reworking your essay. Read your essay aloud to yourself. Are there any errors that you can spot? Have you left something out? If so, fix those problems. Rewrite the paragraph to make it better. Now add some more information. If you do this process of rewriting and taking breaks at least five times, you will have a much more polished essay, and you have a much better chance of writing an excellent piece. Practice! In order to be good writers, we must write and rewrite.

8. Get help in the Writing Center, a tutor, a friend, or a colleague. Be sure that the person who helped you, initials your draft, so that you can get credit for it.

9.Take care of yourself.  Get enough rest. and come to class well fed. Proper nutrition helps us to concentrate, stay alert, and retain information.

10. Think of college (or your first important job) as boot camp.