Peaceful Warrior, Iron John, The Path to Love, or It‘s All in Your Dreams, Breathing House Quizzes
Total of 48 points.

Points: 1-12=D 13-24=C 25-36=B 37-48=A

The Path to Love:
Write four pages discussing your dreams, your interpretations, and your feelings about dreams. For 12 points.

It’s All in Your Dreams:
Write four pages discussing your dreams, your interpretations, and your feelings about dreams. For 12 points.
The Breathing House Quiz: Four questions. (12 points).
Please write one six-line paragraph minimum per answer. Give the page numbers.
1. Name a symbol, metaphor, or simile from one of the poems and tell
what you interpret it to mean. There is no wrong answer.
2. What is a theme in the poet’s work and how does it compare to other
people’s lives or themes in literature or film?
3. Discuss what you think of one of the political poems.
4. Discuss a favorite poem and why you like it.

Iron John Quiz 1 Chapters 1 & 2. (12 points).
1. What does the “hairy deep male” represent?
2. What does it mean on page 28 that the wild man is part Apollo and part
3. Why is the man’s wound so important? p.32-36 p.42
4. Why is initiation important?
5. Why is being brought to the water by your mentor so important?
6. Finger turns to gold. What does this metaphor mean?
7. What does hair represent? What other characters were hairy and what
did they represent? . p.45
8. How is ritual space different from secular space? p. 49
9. What happens to Narcissus when he is separated from his hunting
companions and what does this mean for men today? p. 53

Way of the Peaceful Warrior Quiz 1: pages 1-30 “Gas Station”
(12 points).
1. What does “Socrates” mean when he says, “…and you obviously need a teacher.”?
2. What does he mean when he says, “ The lessons are hidden.” Where?
3. Socrates pursues Dan against his will. Why? Opinion.
4. What did Socrates do to prove a point?
5. What is understanding versus realizing?
6. Do you have any ideas as to why peeing is body wisdom? Context and
7. Dan asks, “Why play by your rules?” What is Soc’s answer? Meaning
8. A secret’s value is in what? What does he mean by that?
9. Why is Socrates so interested in Dan’s personal life?
10. Why does Socrates push Dan off the bridge?

Way of the Peaceful Warrior Quiz 2: pages 31-69 “ Chapter One”
(12 points).
11. Socrates put his fingers on Dan’s temples and did what? Why?
12. What ancient character might Socrates represent?
13. “The source of all our pain and frustration is ….” where? Do you
agree? Why/not?
14. Why does Dan work on his tan? What does this represent to you?
15. How could Dan’s lost shoe be a metaphor?
16. Dan is obsessed with Joy. Should he pursue her? Why/not?
17. Why does Dan allow himself to play the fool again?
17. Why are all the dreams and hallucinations important?