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Our Struggle by Derek Bailey

An African American 25 year old student, writer, and activist based out of California!

I toss and turn at night thinking about “IT.” I wake early and frightfully from nightmares about “IT.”  “IT.”  has ambushed me, and “IT”  has also ambushed the nation on both sides. “IT” operates on fear and confusion. Progress, Change, and Growth were  all vibrant positive words and ideas less than two months ago.Unfortunately, “IT”  can not handle these words, “IT”  does not understand these words, so “IT” treats these words and ideas as a threat to “ITS” survival! Who or rather what is “IT?” “IT” is a  man. “IT” is a rich man who, although, he is rich in currency he is astonishingly poor in character and intelligence. He is an odd sight to some, for others he is as scary as the devil himself. Our struggle involves those who are poor or rich in currency, but eternally wealthy in character, love, intelligence and common sense. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have this abundance of wealth we are in a fight for survival, and a fight to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at attaining the same wealth that we have so graciously been able to enjoy and practice with. “IT”  is our president. He is the cause for our struggle. United we stand! Divided we fall!