Authors’ Links

The below are links to authors who wrote the books Marcielle’s students
are studying and other great sources.


Kelly Sullivan Walden

For Walden, click here.


Robert Bly

The below is taken directly from Robert Bly’s official site. See the link below.

At this website, readers will find information on every facet of Robert Bly’s literary career, including bibliographies, reviews, and interviews, as well as new essays, poems, and translations, to increase their understanding and enjoyment of Bly’s work.

clicking here.


Carl Jung

For several videos, click here.


Bruce Lipton
Author of Biology of Belief
For several videos, click here.


Datcher Keltner
Author of Born to be Good
For several videos, click here.


The Poetry Foundation
click here.


Dan Millman
Author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior
 click here.

For videos of Millman, click here.


C. S. Lewis
Author of Out of the Silent Planet
click here.
For Out of the Silent Planet, click here.


 Laura Esquivel
Author of Like Water for Chocolate
click here.

Abraham Maslow
click here

Marcielle Brandler

Poetry SuperHighway, click here.

For Marcielle’s advice on protecting your dream, click here.

In a documentary film on Los Angeles poets, click here.

To watch Marcielle on a tv show from the 1980’s, click here.

To watch Marcielle interviewing Ehrich Van Lowe, former producer/writer on
The Cosby Show, click here.

Poetry for Social Justice, click here.

To listen to Marcielle’s poems, click here.

Marcielle’s film science fiction film, Abe’s Question, click here.

Marcielle Presents! click here.