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redhenpress-logoMarcielle’s short story, “Chuz Off”, about her high school experience when a Hell’s Angel girl picked a fight with her, will appear in Red Hen Press’s The Los Angeles Short Fiction Anthology in 2016. To visit Red Hen Press, click here.

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Marcielle’s poem, “Bury Me in Mojave,” was published in America Anthology in Dec 2009.

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Marcielle’s article, “Garden of Life,” was published in the January 2010 issue of Science of Mind.

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Three poems by Marcielle


I startled my mother in the blazing
hallway, her breasts an exotic gift
my lips had never suckled. It was

an accident we met. Never before
had I beheld anyone naked. My sisters
told me of the times they had watched

her. I imagine my mother lifting
herself from the forgiving floral suds
of her bath. This secret time I had

never visualized until now. She glides
on her hose, attaching them with
little posy snaps, and perfumes

herself in her personal
scent. Slithering into her
strapless cocktail dress, her

shoulders glowing, she fluffs up
her hair like a delicate fern,
then entwines the glittering

necklace and presses on the blossom
lipstick which my father will kiss
from her mouth before they

lie down in the room where only they
may sleep. What are these angry wings
barring me from her garden? I remember

the last time she bathed me. I was
five and embarrassed. I turned away,
and she left me in my
unscented water.


(The above is an award-winning poem.)

Marcielle's mother

Marcielle’s mother, Luverne Marcielle Lieb of German descent from Salem North Dakota.

Dad, Cecil Urbin Parks, of English (and possible Cherokee) descent, from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Dad, Cecil Urbin Parks, of English (and possible Cherokee) descent, from Little Rock, Arkansas.











My dad was a wonderful, sweet man. He liked
to tell stories. Of course, he was a Southern man,
and Southerners are known for their love of
stories. I dedicate this song, “My Dad, sung by
Paul Peterson, to Cecil Parks, my dad.
Have a listen by clicking here.

Two poems from The Breathing House, by Marcielle

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The First Tower

I’m dialing
my wife.

An airplane
has crashed through
my office wall.

Two stockbrokers
are carrying a torn and
shivering secretary

to the broken
staircase. The elevators
have sunken in
to the shaft.

“Honey, Call these numbers,”
I say. They are of families
we have never met.

She tells them their loved ones
are safe. Several people
climb toward the roof.

The fire department says
it’s the safest place.

They return saying
The door is locked.
Just in case, I say,
“Honey, I love you. Tell
the kids, I love them.”
Suddenly, a ball of fire.


The Senator Remembers the Lobbyist

He leads me to an anteroom.
He shows me the slick publication
of spliced photographs.
At the buffet table, a perplexing
vigor bursts from his eyes.

On the dance floor, he presses
his hips to mine,
and the coil of hundred dollar
bills excites my anticipation
as it does every time we embrace.

He is able to play along when I
clasp his hand, keeping my
uncommittal distance,
reticent to kiss kiss for the cameras.

We have discussed the jeopardy
of free speech as situations and
power bases reverse themselves.

The Breathing House

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Marcielle also appears in the Bob Bryan breakthrough documentary on Los Angeles poets called GV6:The Oddyssey
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Throughout the decades, Marcielle has organized, advertised, and hosted events for many charitable organizations without asking anything for herself. In fact, she has spent thousands of dollars, even when she did not have money for herself, in order that others might succeed.

She organized to very successful variety shows for The Church of Truth in Pasadena, CA and gave all proceeds to the church.

In 2000, Marcielle rented the Sierra Madre Playhouse and organized and advertised a variety show in which many performers showcased their talents. Marcielle did not make a cent. The event made  $800, and Marcielle did not even take money for her own costs of theatre rental, champagne and food reception, advertising, phone calls, and many other costs. All proceeds were donated to the Coalition Against Hunger and Homelessness.

Marcielle has organized the Literacy Campaign, two Celebration of Banned Books with International PEN Center West,
Valentine’s Peace Project, and numerous others.

In the eighties, she created Urban Mobile Poets with a partner and brought numerous well-known and up-and-coming poets to the Pasadena Public Library for a weekly series. The group traveled to San Diego, Laguna Beach, San Francisco, and other locales where they were received with excitement and accolades.

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