Adjectives Modify Nouns.

First, we need to know what nouns are.
Nouns are people, places, things, and

Noun Types:
Common nouns
are nouns in their regular
forms, like girl, dog, house, belief, etc.
We do not capitalize them.

Proper nouns are the names of things,
people, places, ideas, and even time
frames. We do capitalize them. They
are words like Capitalism, Pilibos
Armenian School, Bengal Tiger.

Pronouns are nouns that stand for
another noun, such as Diana lost
her pen. Her stands for Diana.
Pronouns are used so that we do not
have to keep repeating the noun,
Diana over and over again. Some
pronouns are he, him, they, them,
us, our, you, me, etc..

Common             Proper                          Adjectives

girl                         Mary                             happy

city                        Prague                           wondrous  

chair                      Chippendale                 brown

high                       Hollywood                     public
school                   High School                                     

idea                       Theory of                        brilliant


Adverbs have three jobs. They modify verbs,
and other adverbs.  No wonder we
get confused!

Adverbs that modify a:


Mary        walked      (quickly, gracefully).
subject     verb             adverbs



Mary       is             (very)       gentle.
subject    verb      adverb    adjective



Mary   walked      (very)       quickly
subject  verb       adverb      adverb
Do you see how adverbs have three jobs? They modify (give added
information about)verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.


Notice that qualifiers and quantifiers, such as   very, extremely, and
quite are worn-out words. They are over used. Instead of saying that
Mary is extremely generous, say, Mary is magnanimous. One
excellent vocabulary word that describes Mary is much more
powerful that using words that our ears have heard too much and our
eyes have seen over and over again.

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