Evaluate a Class

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Please evaluate Professor Brandler’s class, on a separate paper, in an email, or on the comments section of this webpage, remembering all the things we covered. Please put the campus and class name, semester, and time of day on your evaluation and any comments you may have.

If you are doing this online, you can either place your comments in the comments section below, or email the professor at: marcielle@verizon.net.

I am always improving my classes, and your thoughts are vital to this improvement.

1. How would you rate the class,from 1, which is “Terrible!”
     to 10, which is “Fabulous!”

Which campus at which you take my class.

Course title, time , and semester (Ex: English 101 12:15 pm Spring 2016):

2. Rate 1-10

3. How can Professor Brandler improve the class?

4. What did you like about the class?

You do not need to put your name on the paper.

Look back at the syllabus and remember all the things we did.

I really do use your feedback to improve.

Please feel free to give any and  all suggestions, no matter how insignificant they might seem. I really want to serve my students, and your thoughts will really help.

I enjoyed being your guide on this journey and wish you
the very best!

Professor Brandler

We’re done! Hooraay!


Please do stay in touch.