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Our Mission

I am here to guide those with less experience than myself. 
This does not mean that I know everything, but it does mean that the things I have suffered and triumphed over, can be avoided by those I mentor, not only in English but also in life

This website gives some of the most up-to-date information on surviving in high school, college, and the business world. 

I love to share my students’ and friends’ photos and their information that may be of help to you. Check out the pages on this site.

If you have suggestions or additions that you think may of help, please email me or sign our sign-in book. 

Good journeys!


Mar w Katherine Barger cropped

Marcielle with Kathryn Barger (LA Country Supervisor, and tireless worker for human rights) at the National Women’s Caucus of Pasadena in an elegant home April 2017.

For Ms. Barger’s website, click here.